Rebalance + THRIVE

A 12 week online group programme that teaches women in their 40s how to naturally rebalance their body and hormones so they can rediscover energy and vibrancy and THRIVE in day to day life.

If you’re ready for more energy, better sleep, better mood, a sharper brain, bloat-free digestion, better periods & better weight management then this programme is for YOU!


STARTing in January 2022!


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re done with rubbish sleep and low energy during the day
  • You can’t remember what it feels like to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed
  • Your energy is much less these days, you feel sluggish and unmotivated and any sense of vitality seems like a thing of the past
  • You're gaining weight around your middle despite not changing the way you eat or exercise
  • You’re fed up of bad periods, bloating and PMS including tender breasts and heavy or painful periods
  • You can't seem to fall asleep easily anymore, you wake in the night and struggle to get back to sleep
  • You wish you didn’t have to worry about bloating and gas after or between meals 
  • Your mood has shifted and you're irritable around people or situations that wouldn't usually bother you
  • You feel frustrated and stuck and you don’t see a clear way forward that you feel confident about because it’s all so confusing and conflicting!  
  • You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing ‘works’ for you

Well, I hear you and I feel you, because I’ve BEEN you. You are NOT alone! I know first hand that what you REALLY want more than anything is…

  • To have more energy than you’ve had in years and feel motivated to go about your day and to exercise how you want to
  • To have deep, restful, uninterrupted sleep
  • To wake up feeling rested and refreshed
  • To say goodbye to PMS and have easy periods
  • To have bloat-free digestion
  • To be free of cravings and the disappointment and frustration that comes with "giving in"
  • To have an easy relationship with food and absolute clarity on what YOUR body needs to thrive - and to remain CONSISTENT
  • To have a clear, sharp and focused mind
  • To feel and look like you’re glowing and thriving and to feel slimmer around your waist and effortlessly keep it that way

How would this transform your life?

ThAT'S where I come in...

I’ve worked with so many women over the last 8 years to help them rebalance their bodies so they can start to THRIVE in day to day life AND safe guard their future health and wellbeing.

I don’t just help women, I EDUCATE + EMPOWER women to understand their OWN body and their unique needs. I give them the confidence to know what works and what doesn’t, so that they don’t waste time sifting through conflicting information that likely won’t serve them.

I provide a clear step by step guided roadmap to vibrant health and happiness, delivered to you via the Rebalance + THRIVE programme.

You need a well rounded holistic approach to your body & health, no quick fixes or plasters here...

In order to feel REALLY good (consistently) your health needs to be addressed from various angles.

Most wellbeing-centred programmes only target diet and exercise, which is great, BUT it doesn’t help a person to 1) get to the root cause of why they are feeling the way they’re feeling in the first place, 2) learn exactly what they need to do PERSONALLY to address it for good, and 3) get the ongoing tools and resources they need to keep progressing on their transformational journey, for life.  

The Rebalance + THRIVE programme has got you covered for all of this (and more!)

The programme combines my 8 years of clinical practice as a Nutritional Therapist and my ongoing professional development and science-backed research to make sure you are expertly taken care of and provided for throughout the programme. 

Once you're in, you'll be able to personalise your journey so that it suits and addresses YOUR own unique body, needs and goals. You’ll have access to a complete wealth of expert knowledge, information and guidance that you can take from what you need and applies to YOU.

Spend (an enjoyable + life-changing) 12 weeks investing in your whole self - your physical health, mindset and lifestyle

Who Am I & Why Work With Me?

Hi, I'm Francesca

I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist & hormone-balancing lifestyle coach. I help women rebalance their bodies & hormones so they can rediscover energy & vibrancy, and thrive in day to day to life.

I spent a lot of years feeling pretty rubbish and it held me back from living the life I wanted to live and from being the person I wanted to be.

After transforming my health, in a way I could never have imagined, I’ve never looked back. The transformation was so significant that I decided to study for 4 years to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist so that I could help other women in the same way as I helped myself.

In this powerful 12 week programme I will guide and support you through everything you need to know and do to rebalance your health and hormones so you can THRIVE with vibrant health and happiness AND to know what to do to maintain it.

If you day dream about having more energy, deep, restful sleep, a sharper brain, bloat-free digestion, minimal PMS and easy periods, balanced mood, effortless weight management

no more aches and pains that make you feel ‘old’ or like you’re ageing then you’re in the right place, because this IS all possible for you. 

I invite you to join me on this life-changing journey and I can’t wait to take you through it :-)

join rebalance + thrive

The Rebalance + THRIVE programme provides you with complete clarity and confidence in what’s needed to THRIVE in your 40s (and beyond), along with the guidance, support & accountability necessary to achieve it. 

What's Included?


You will work through 6 modules spending 2 weeks on each one. This allows you to build on your knowledge incrementally so you can fully understand your body and how it works and what it needs to thrive. This will bring confidence, clarity and empowerment once and for all. All the content is housed inside a private members site and you will be granted access once you join. All videos/audios can be downloaded so you can listen on the go if you need to. 


Inside the members site you’ll have a whole library of PDF resources including cheat sheets, info handouts, recipe and meal ideas, a full recipes e-book and example meal plans. All PDFs can be easily accessed and downloaded from your computer, smartphone or tablet. These powerful resources will take all the confusion and guess work out of your quest to rebalance + THRIVE! 

Weekly check-in calls

Each week I will host a LIVE group video call where you can come to ask questions, share your successes, hear and learn from others on a similar journey to you (sometimes this is the most powerful part!) and troubleshoot any challenges or barriers you might be facing. Each week I will ask you to set an intention for the week ahead to keep you accountable and inspired to make the changes you need to make.


By now I’m sure you know you can’t do this alone otherwise you would have been successful by now, which is why you will have access to me everyday inside a private Facebook group set up exclusively for the programme.

supportive community

Going through a journey like this with other like-minded women on a similar journey can be an extremely powerful and transformative experience, and that’s what you will get inside the programme. We are all here to cheer each other on and to support and inspire one another towards permanent change once and for all.


On the weekly calls you will have the opportunity to receive 1-2-1  support from me with the rest of the group and if you feel you would benefit from a completely personalised approach in addition to this you will have the option to add in some 1-2-1 private sessions with me also. 


You’ll have the option to remain in the programme for longer! For some people 12 weeks is a great amount of time to learn, implement, and instil new permanent habits, whilst others may need a little longer. How much time you will need really just depends on your unique personality, needs and situation. You can choose to remain in the programme on a monthly rolling fee and can cancel when you feel ready.

What we cover in the modules...

Each module builds upon the previous one so that by the end of the 12 weeks you'll understand exactly what your body needs in order to THRIVE plus have all the resources and tools you need to continue implementing it all for life.


Hormones 101 and Eating for Hormone Balance and Vibrant Health + Happiness

You'll learn about the key hormones that impact your energy, mood, motivation, your hormonal symptoms, and your weight. You’ll learn how all work together, where it can all go wrong and how to bring balance back! You will understand the key nutrients for vibrant health and happiness every day. You will create your own personalised and detailed eating plan and learn the simple and effective practical hacks to make it feel effortless and enjoyable. You'll know what to eat at every single meal whether eating out or at home, how to prep like a pro and how to navigate any sticky situations!


Restore + Recharge

Discover the impact of stress and under par sleep on your hormones, energy, mood, weight, and more. Learn EXACTLY how to minimise the impact of stress on your body and mind and simple everyday habits to include for less stress NOW. Learn how to support deep and restful sleep each night and get all the tips, tricks and hacks for living a more balanced life every day. For more energy, good hormone balance, better weight management, to be free of PMS, cravings, and mood swings this is a KEY area to win at.


Rebalance Your Gut + Thrive

You'll learn how your digestion works and what’s necessary for it to work optimally and how the health and function of your gut so significantly impacts your hormone balance & overall health. Say goodbye to bloating, gas and constipation and hello to more energy, better skin, a clearer head and happier hormones.


The Hormone-balancing Exercise Principles

You'll discover the most beneficial and effective type and amount of exercise to incorporate for happy hormones from late 30s +. Another KEY area to understand and embrace for a much easier & happier hormonal experience in your 40s. Gain confidence that you’re working within YOUR OWN exercise sweet spot for YOUR body and YOUR hormones and rest assured that your exercise is building you UP rather than breaking you down.


Cleaning Up! Supporting Detoxification Everyday

You'll learn exactly what your body needs to detoxify day to day toxins and pollutants and clear our old and used hormones for happy hormonal balance, vibrant health + happiness everyday (and it doesn't include juice fasting!)


The Lowdown on Supplements, Diving Deeper with Functional Testing + Moving Forward

You’ll get the lowdown on some of the key nutrients that might be worth supplementing to put the icing on the cake once you’ve fully integrated the all-important nutrition and lifestyle habits from the previous modules. Supplements can play a key role in supporting your energy, hormone balance and overall health & wellbeing but it’s important to know what to look for when choosing the right supplements for YOU. We will also look at functional health testing to see if a certain test might help you to get even better results. Once you have worked through the previous modules, if you have any remaining health symptoms, issues or concerns then functional testing might be right for you.


Understanding + Working with your Menstrual Cycle video training + PDF resources (value £99 but free to you!) 

Understanding Perimenopause video training + PDF resources (value £99 but free to you!) 

The Mindset Toolbox - A library of resources to help you identify who you need to become in order to achieve your vibrantly healthy future, including journalling exercises & prompts and worksheets to help you start creating a stronger & more positive mindset to get you where you need to be (value £49 but free to you!) 

“I have loads more energy, I'm eating fantastically, and I'm loving life”

“I have changed my mindset completely, my sleep is fantastic, I have loads more energy, I'm eating fantastic, and I'm loving life. And if I carry on like I am my clothes will be too this time next year. Thank you again Francesca!” Nina

“Francesca you really inspire me in so many positives way, and I don’t want these calls to end. Anyone who is thinking about joining the next round of the programme, it will be the best 12 weeks of your life. As well as learning so much about the nutrition side, I have learnt so much about myself too.” Sharon

Are You Ready?

Rebalance + THRIVE is for you IF...

  • You're a woman aged 35+
  • You're genuinely ready to make changes to your diet and lifestyle habits and you are motivated to take the action necessary to create changes in your health and wellbeing
  • You know this isn’t a quick fix or plan you simply follow for a set period time without thinking, learning or changing
  • You know that you can’t do this alone and that you need help, guidance and support to make permanent positive changes
  • You are completely willing and ready to make time for and prioritise yourself by working on your hormones and wellbeing 

It's NOT for you if...

  • You need to be pushed to show up for yourself and do the work
  • You will find excuses as for why you are not putting yourself (the programme) first
  • You are looking for a quick fix or a plan to follow on auto pilot 
  • You feel too busy and overwhelmed right now to be able to engage fully with the programme
  • You do not like change & you aren't willing to become the person you need to be to achieve the vibrant health that you want

“Your programme is like no other. Yes you can get results on short programmes driven by deprivation but I know no other programme where the focus is on educating individuals in mind, body, and soul to embark on the road to optimal health and weight…for life.” Jackie

“I’m happier, healthier, and I have loads more energy. This has been a complete lifestyle change for me and one that I intend to keep up forever. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands to make the changes suggested and it’s made the world of difference. Working with Francesca has been life changing for me”  Hannah

When you join Rebalance + THRIVE you will get...

  • Exclusive access to the Rebalance + THRIVE Membership site - this is where you will access all 6 Modules, PDF resources, recipe e-book, the weekly call recordings and your bonuses (Value £1000)
  • 12 weeks of support in the Rebalance + THRIVE private Facebook group - this is where you’ll get daily support from me for any questions or challenges and connect with other like-minded women on the same journey as you, as well as receive and share inspiration which each other  (Value £600)
  • The Get Started Group Call via Zoom - this is an introductory session to help you get settled into the programme so you know exactly what to do and for you to ask any questions before you begin (Value £150)
  • Weekly Group Calls via Zoom - Get full support each week on these powerful sessions where you can update me on how you are getting on and ask your questions, hear from, learn from and connect with others. Get complete clarity each week on what YOU need to do for YOUR specific needs, and move yourself further forward each week (Value £1800)
  • 3 Amazing Bonuses! - The ‘Understanding + Working with your Menstrual Cycle’ video training, the ‘Understanding Perimenopause’ video training, accompanying PDF recourses and The Mindset Toolbox (Value £250).

(That's a total value of £3,800!!)

But, I'm giving you all the above for just 1 payment £590 or 3 payments of £210

join rebalance + thrive

It’s YOUR time to rebalance + THRIVE! Reclaim your energy and feel vibrantly healthy everyday both now and your future. 

It all starts with one decision - are you in? 

“Before working with Francesca I had horrible habits having tried nearly every diet under the sun but I could never stick to anything. Francesca explains what food does to your body in a way that makes you think about the choices you are making. It’s a complete lifestyle change and she supports you the whole way through. After a couple of months I have noticed my PCOS symptoms significantly reduce and people comment on my weight loss. What’s most important to me is that I feel so much better. No more feeling sluggish and not knowing when to stop eating.” Collette 

“I am coming to the end of the programme with Francesca and I can’t say enough about how I've changed my attitude towards food and to myself. The nutritional information makes sense, is easy to follow and importantly Francesca has taught me to take care of myself emotionally and physically. I know that I will never go back to fad diets because I am now armed with the correct information to continue making positive choices. Francesca, you are wonderful and I can’t thank you enough.” Alex

Hear from more women speaking about their experience during the programme

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access all the elements of the programme?

You will access all of the module and resources content online via a private membership site that you will be asked to create a personal log in for. The modules will be released into the membership area every 2 weeks and you will be notified of this via email and inside the Facebook group. You will join the weekly Zoom calls via the link provided to you via email that you can save or add to your calendar, you will receive a reminder each week about the call which will include the joining link. You can join the call from you computer, tablet or smartphone and if you ever need to simply dial in like a normal telephone call rather than via the internet then you can do so (instructions will be provided). You will be invited to join the private Facebook group once you have joined the programme.

What if I can't start on the official start date or I will be on holiday during the 12 weeks? 

Holidays and trips away are part of life and there are no elements of the programme that you can’t do whilst travelling or on holiday. If you miss a week you have plenty of time to catch up. The programme has been designed to help to educate and empower you to make incremental changes. NOT to have you overwhelmed with only more on your life plate! The beauty of this programme is that if you cannot attend all of the calls you can listen to or watch the recording which will be uploaded in to the membership site the following day. You can access the Facebook group and the membership site from anywhere in the world so there is no reason not to join if you will be away. If there will be some time during the 12 weeks where you really won’t be able to engage then you can simply catch up and carry on when you get back. 

Can I download the content from the members site so I don’t always need to have internet/Wifi when I want to access the it?

Yes, all of the content is downloadable from the membership site, you will just need to have internet access in order to download it and then save it on your chosen device so you can access it whenever you like. 

What amount of time each week will I need to commit to?

You will want to create time each week to listen or watch the video lessons, look through any accompanying resources and to reflect, make notes and take any actions or do any planning you might need to do. You will also need the hour or so each week to attend the group calls (calls can let up to 90 minutes) if this is an element of the programme you want to make the most of. Each module includes approximately 30-90 minutes of content to watch or listen to but this may vary slightly from module to module and do remember that you have 2 weeks to go through each module. My suggestion would be to allow about 2 hours each week (spread across the week) to focus on the content, engage in the Facebook group where needed and attend the group call (or listening to the recording). The programme is designed to take you through the process of change slowly and incrementally. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed out by it by any means and it’s purposely designed to be the opposite of that. Little and often is the way to go here and remember that “slow and steady always wins the race”. 

What day and time will the weekly call take place?

Currently the call is set for every Monday at 12pm UK time unless I specify otherwise. 

How long will the weekly calls last?

I plan for about 60 minutes however they could be shorter or longer depending on how many people attend the call live and what kind of support or conversation is needed. I always block out maximum 90 minutes in my own calendar just to be on the safe side. If you ever need to leave the calls early you are free to do so, you can just let me know at the start so we can address you earlier on in the call allowing you to pop off when you need to. 

What happens in the Get Started Group Call?

This is the programme introductory call where you will be officially welcomed into the programme and the group. I will explain everything in detail that you need to know and you can ask any questions you might have and meet the other fabulous women in the programme with you! You will also set your intentions for the 12 weeks.

What if I can’t attend the call live? 

All calls will be recorded and uploaded into the membership site the next day so you can watch it back in your own time.

Will I be able to talk to Francesca on the calls? 

Absolutely. These calls are for you to ask your questions and get the support you need with any challenges you might be facing. In all my previous experience of running this and other group programmes the group calls have been the most valuable aspect of the programme. The feedback I get from previous clients os that they learn and gain so much from the calls through listening to the other women ask their questions and express their challenges, wins and stories. It’s important to me that everyone feels fully seen and heard on the calls and I therefore ensure that each of you get your opportunity to speak on the call. On the flip side of that though - if you sometimes just want to attend the call and listen in and nod along that’s totally fine too, just know that I do WANT to hear from you as much as you want to share and ask.

How many people will be on a group call? 

Thus far the group calls have never been bigger than 8-10 people at once and if this number was to change I will add in additional call times to ensure the attendee numbers are kept small and intimate ensuring everyone is fully seen and heard. 

Is it possible to speak with you before I sign up? 

Of course, simply click here to book a slot in my calendar for us to chat it through and help you make the best decision for you.

When does it start?

The programme starts in January 2022 (exact date TBC) for 12 weeks (unless you choose to extend your time in the programme later on).

What happens after the 12 weeks if I still need help, guidance and support? 

For some people 12 weeks is a great amount of time to learn, implement, and instil new permanent habits and for others they may need a little longer. Whether or not you will need extra time after the 12 weeks really just depends on your unique personality, needs and life circumstances or situation. You will have the opportunity to extend your time in the programme on a monthly rolling fee basis which you can cancel when you feel ready to.

Will I have continued access to the resources in the membership site? 

Yes, you will have access to the membership site once you have left the programme for as long as I continue to use the particular software platform that I currently use. When I need to remove the membership platform you will lose access to the content but I will give you plenty of notice to download the content before it gets removed. 

What happens if I sign up and change my mind? 

Once you have registered, you are committed to the programme and all payments on your payment plan unless you cancel within 7 days of signing up.