Learn how to work with your hormones in your late 30s + 40s for a happy perimenopause!

With Registered Nutritional Therapist Francesca Liparoti

When: Monday 8th November, 7pm - 8.30pm GMT

Where: Zoom

Why: Because you deserve it!

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I work with women everyday to help them rebalance their bodies and hormones so they can rediscover energy and vibrancy and thrive in day to day to life. I wanted to create something that would allow me to reach and help MORE women, which is why I have created this incredible 90 minute online masterclass.

I want to help you understand what's going on with your hormones, and take your through some simple nutrition and lifestyle habits you can start practicing straight away, for hormone balance, vibrant health + happiness!

Read on to find out more about this 90 minute masterclass and register your place!

here's what we'll cover:

  • What exactly perimenopause is, what your hormones are doing, the symptoms + changes it brings and the simple nutrition + lifestyle habits for a MUCH smoother + happier ride!
  • The KEY hormones that govern your energy, mood, cravings, weight and sleep each day, the biggest factors that create an imbalance and what you can start doing now for vibrant health + happiness.
  • How to eat for hormone balance, more energy, zero cravings + less fat around the middle!
  • How your hormones fluctuate throughout your menstrual cycle (particularly in your 30s + 40s), how you might feel at different times of the month and simple food + lifestyle habits to help you banish PMS for good.
  • The impact of stress on your hormones and top tips for reducing it's impact from now on for happier hormones, more energy, and better sleep.
  • How to make your exercise work FOR your hormones not AGAINST them.
  • Interactive Q+A!


I remember when I used to feel like complete crap! I had terrible digestion that left me bloated and sluggish, hormonal imbalances that caused debilitating PMS and painful periods every month, headaches, low energy, sugar cravings, dry skin, weak hair and nails, and excess weight around my middle that I just couldn’t shift no matter what I did.

I was working in the city in the finance sector, and I believed I was 'healthy' because I went to the gym and watched what I ate, and drank enough water each day. Yet I felt rubbish pretty much everyday.

The reality was that there was just SO MUCH I didn't know or understand about what 'healthy' actually was. And I soon discovered that my lifestyle and nutrition habits were actually working against my body and my hormones.

After working with a Nutritional Therapist for a few months my life started to change, so dramatically that I decided I just HAD to study nutrition and train as a Nutritional Therapist myself so I could switch careers and help other women just like me. 5 gruelling years later, in 2013, I was qualified and ready to spend my days helping women go from just about surviving (like I was) to absolutely thriving!

So, if you day dream about having more energy, a balanced mood, a balanced appetite without cravings, better sleep, minimal PMS and easy periods - then this class is for YOU.

Come along and learn some simple and enjoyable steps to take to get you all this, and more.

So... are you in?


"I have absolutely loved the support I have received from Francesca. I felt so daunted by the conflicting information online and the fad diets that I kept repeating, only to gain the weight again. I felt like I needed a mind, body and soul reset and I really feel that is exactly what I got!"

- Himala

"Francesca has changed my attitude towards food and to myself. The nutritional information makes sense, is easy to follow and importantly she has taught me to take care of myself emotionally and physically. Francesca, you are wonderful and I can’t thank you enough."

- Alex


"I have changed my mindset completely, my sleep is fantastic, I have loads more energy, I'm eating fantastic, and I'm loving life. Thank you again Francesca!"

- Nina